Thursday, 4 July 2013

Get Ready For Summer !

The summer holidays are just around the corner, are your families bikes ready for your holiday.

The day of your holiday and the car is packed with all the camping gear and the last thing is to load the families bikes on the rack.  So you go to the shed and drag them out: "Ah those tyres look like the mice have made a meal of them; don't remember that chain being so rusty; these brakes aren't working very well; why won't it change gear.  Kids! maybe we won't take the bikes this year.  I knew I should have got them sorted but I haven't had the time".

Modern life means there's rarely time in your day to take your bike to your local shop to get it serviced or fixed so we operate a FREE collect and return workshop and mobile repairs service across the Vale to keep you and your bikes fit for summer.

For the Summer we are offering the following deal.

Special Rate Multi Bike Discounts
Have 3 or more bikes serviced at the same time (2 Kid’s Bikes, 18” wheel size and under = 1 bike) from £35.00 each (parts not included).

What's included in a our Main Service.

Our Main Service normally costs £45 and - like all our servicing - starts with a free M Check * comprising of a quick but thorough examination of your bike to spot any major defects which will require attention outside of your normal servicing schedule.   We do not charge for labour for new parts - such as cables, chains or hub bearings - fitted as part of a main service which includes the following maintenance checks and services:
  • Visual inspection of frame and forks to check for any defects
  • Wheels rims, spokes and hubs checked for damage and wear
  • Wheel bearings checked for play and adjusted if required
  • Tyres checked for wear and inflated to the recommended pressure
  • Brakes inspected, lubricated and adjusted as required
  • Cables and brake pads replaced if required - hydraulic brakes are an additional cost
  • Headset inspected and adjusted as required
  • Bottom bracket inspected for play and adjusted as required
  • Inspect, lubricate and adjust derailleur and gears - cables replaced if required.
  • External lubrication of chain and all pivot points
  • Seat post cleaned and lubricated
  • All bolts retightened to manufacturers recommended torque settings
  • Strip, inspect, lubricate and adjust hubs
  • Headset stripped, inspected, lubricated and adjusted - headset will be replaced if required
  • Check forks and suspension
We also supply accessories from the range from Raleigh so if there's anything you need from Kiddie Trailers to pumps we can provide anything in the range. 

So lets get the family bikes ready for the holiday. 

If you've got any questions about Cycle Repairs then please contact us on either 07812 033 064, 01446 796 959 or via the Online Quotes and Booking Form on the website or by email at