Friday, 28 February 2014

Is Spring Here?

After such a dismal winter have we finally turned the corner towards Spring?

Although it's been a very mild winter it's not been great for cycling, the wet weather has really taken a toll on riders and bikes, give me cold and clear any time.

So Spring now seems to be on it's way, flowers are blooming and the days are definitely getting longer and the roads and trails are starting to dry out.  

It's now that most people start to think about getting out of their winter hibernation and getting out and about to enjoy the lovely countryside in South Wales and what better way of seeing it than on a bike.

So now's the time to dust off that bike that's been lurking in the shed or garage to a service, replacing those perished and worn tires, brakes and cables ensuring you get the most fun and enjoyment out of riding your bike.

Don't forget if you bike is beyond economic repair then we can supply you with a nice new shiny bike from manufactures such as Superior & Raleigh

For example these two fantastic bikes are just the thing for a do-it-all bike; perfect for cruising the streets, commuting, and enjoying the country lanes.  They come equipped with plenty of gears, efficient and powerful disc brakes, smooth running road tires and flat bars.    

Superior Speed City 200

Raleigh Strada 5

Every bike will be fully checked and assembled to British Standards by a qualified mechanic, so it's ready to ride straight away and includes a free first service. (Recommended Between 4 - 6 weeks old)

All bicycles can be delivered to your door for free in the "Vale of Glamorgan".

Including in the sale:

  • All bikes built & ready to go
  • Setting-up saddle and bar height, for riders comfort. 
  • Demonstrate the best use of the gears
  • Recommendations how best to take care of your new bicycle. 
  • Free first service. (Between 4 - 6 weeks old)
  • All with the added benefit of a local company.
If you require further information about having your bike(s) serviced or buying a new bike please contact us on either 07812 033 064, 01446 796959, by email at or via the Online Quotes and Booking Form