Thursday, 15 September 2016

Autumn/Winter Riding

After a great summer of cycling don’t put your bikes away but get yourself prepared and carry on cycling through the winter months.

It is great fun and is perfectly safe as long as you are well equipped for riding in the dark and in colder and wetter weather conditions to what we have become accustomed

Some key tips

  •   Get your lights fitted on your bike both front and rear in readiness for riding in the dark
  •   Mudguards can also be useful if you do not already have them fitted.
  •   Dress up warmly with lots of layers so you can strip down if you get too hot and wear gloves to protect your hands
  •   Make sure you have some waterproof clothing.
  •   Wear a fluorescent items to ensure that you can be seen.
  •   Carry all your spare items in a waterproof bag or rucksack
  •   Be aware of the road conditions particularly watch out for icy and slippery roads. Ensure that you proceed with extreme care just as you would do if you were walking or driving.
  •   If you have no grip/tread on your tyres I suggest you may want to change your tyres for some with a more appropriate tread pattern.
Enjoy – and remember many winter days are clear and sunny and so much fun to cycle in.

If you require the price for a part or about having your bike(s) serviced and made ready for winter then please contact us on either 07812 033 064, 01446 796959, by email at or via the Online Quotes and Booking Form