Thursday, 18 April 2013

SAB Team Takoni Bike Build - Frame

As you can see the frame has arrived but as most things there's prep to do.

When I got the frame in the stand it was time to ensure everything was OK. This mainly involved chasing out (i.e cleaning) threads and preparing the bottom bracket for the hollow tech BB bearings.

Being an Italian bike the threads are Italian and are both right-handed unlike an English BB where the threads oppose each other so the rotation of the cranks is the tightening direction of the bearing fittings. 

With the Italian thread there is a slight chance the LH bearing could come undone with the rotation of the crank, but if thread-locked in there's not much chance.

Next up is the head bearing. This frame uses full integrated sealed bearings which drop into a machined cut-out in the headset. 

The bearing outer race is chamfered to sit snugly. Be careful as there are different angles for the bearing to sit against - both the top and bottom bearings for this headset are 45 deg.

I like to sparingly grease the exposed surfaces to discourage corrosion. Once the bearings are re-fitted with the forks and stem just nip up the top cap as the final adjustment can't be done until the bikes is on its wheels. 

Final jobs for the day was fitting the handle bars, the seat post and seat. The final position of these is determined once the bike is on its wheels with the rider on-board.

I'll leave the handle bar tape until then so the levers can be moved if required. 


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