Wednesday, 24 April 2013

SAB Team Takoni Bike Build - Handlebars & Shifters

Handlebars and Shifters

One of the most important parts on your bike as this is one of the interfaces between you and your bike. 

Get the handlebar position or shifters in the wrong position and it can make your ride really uncomfortable.  

A good starting point for levers is to set them with the bottom of the lever level with the bottom of the handle bar.  At this stage don't wrap the bars with tape until you've tried the bike and the handlebar/lever position and your happy with them.


If your fitting new kit you have a choice of where the brake/shift lever sit.  The pictures below show the difference the inserts supplied make to the lever position and by adding/removing the inserts you can change the angle by 8deg's.

Having the levers without the inserts make it easier to apply the brakes with your hands on the 'hoods'.

The final part is to make sure both levers are at the same height on the bars.

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