Saturday, 13 April 2013

SAB Team Takoni Bike Build - Wheels

As good a place as any to start with the build is what wheels to use. 

One of the most important things to consider is not how light the wheels will be but what is its intended use.

Therefore, we need to ensure the rims, hubs and spokes are correct for the rider’s weight, riding style and discipline?

Only once we have established those things can we select the wheels.

In this case, I'm looking for a fairly inexpensive rim that can be used for leisure / training rides with a reliable hub. 

I've selected from Raleigh a set of their Trubuild Mach1 CFX rim which should handle our pot-hole epidemic without being too heavy.    

These are partnered with Shimano Tiagra hubs, 9/10 speed freewheel for the back and quick release axles. 

These make a fairly reliable but inexpensive wheel set ideal for Sunday rides or everyday commuters.

It's also important to use rim tape - on cheaper rims it's a barrier between the tube and spoke nipples while on rims like the CFX (which are double-walled) it cover the spoke nipple holes in the inner wall and stops the tube bulging through the spoke holes. 

When fitting rim tape ensure it's centred on the rim and not off to one side which can cause problems getting the tyre bead to seat properly on the rim. 

The tyres we're using are Schwalbe Lugano. Not too expensive but with Kevlar®Guard protection belt to help prevent punctures.

When you've got the tyre on the rims - preferably without the use of tyre levers - it's time to inflate them fully. 

Carefully read the side of the tyre as it will give you a maximum pressure.

However, what people don't realise is that the rim also has a stated max pressure and this is the one you should not exceed. 

If there's no stated max pressure - then for 700 sized tyres - 110psi will suffice for the road.
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