Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Chains - The Good The Bad And The Ugly

One of the things people are unsure about is when to change their chains.

Many do it on a calender basis or not at all, not realising that chains do wear.  checking your chain for wear is so easy to do all you need is one of these:

Using the tool is easy and a good chain will look like this with the chain checker not dropping between the rollers.  As you can see the outside edge of the checker is resting on a roller indicating that the chain is good.

However if the chain is worn the checker will drop fully between the rollers.  Time to change it.  

Just recently though I've come across a few chains like this:

The checker doesn't drop in so the chain looks OK, however if you look at the image you'll see that the chain is so worn the it's now the inside edge of tool that's stopping it dropping between the rollers.  Not only will the chain need changing but the rear cassette and possibly the most used chain wheel will also need replacement. 

I have Raleigh Chain Checkers in stock for £5.99, RRP is £6.99.  

They work slightly differently by giving you two sides to check for wear, the .75 side means the chain should be changed now which will stop further wear to the cassette and chainwheel(s),  if the 1.0 side drops in then not only the chain needs changing but probably the the cassette and chainwheel(s).

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