Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Why a Bike Needs Regular Servicing - Part 1

Regular servicing and timely component changing is important in keeping your bike running smoothly.

I've been compiling a 'black museum' of parts removed from bikes that have gone well past there useful life.  As in a previous blog regular chain changing is important for the rest of the components in the drive train.  The images below show what happens when a 'knackered' chain continues to be used.

 These are jockey wheels from a rear dérailleur, the small jockey wheel has been added to the photo to show what a good wheel should look like.  There was also considerable wear in all the rear dérailleur pivot points so the whole lot was changed. 
 The cassette was also shot as the picture below shows, again the worn chain has caused the wear. 

The overall cost to the customer was approx £70 worth of parts and labour, all for the cost of a £10 chain.

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