Thursday, 9 May 2013

SAB Team Takoni Bike Build - Gear Hanger Fabrication

When I bought the SAB frame I didn't realise there wasn't a rear dérailleur gear hanger supplied with the frame.  

Having exhausted all suppliers and having been quoted over £300 to have one made I decided to revert to my aircraft trade skills and modify one that was similar.  

Many hours were spent perusing endless list until I came up with this hanger, the main issue with the SAB frame being the hanger is internally mounted.

This was filed down to the correct shape along with drilling and tapping the mounting holes to produce this:

Trouble is it all looked a bit messy and it wasn't the ideal hanger to modify as it was to small.  Another trawl of the internet came up with this hanger that look ideal:

The mounting holes aren't in the correct position but apart from that the hanger is the right size to fit.  Again the hanger was carefully filed to shape and the necessary mounted holes drilled and tapped to 4mm.

The hanger was finally fitted to give me a functional gear hanger, total cost £38, that's better than the £300 previously quoted.  As I can't buy a hanger for these frames I've fabricate two so there's a spare, plus I've made a template to produce more if needed.

The evolution of the hanger is shown below:

 And finally the hanger on the bike

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