Thursday, 2 May 2013

SAB Team Takoni Bike Build - Brakes

With this building I'm using the complete Shimano Sora groupset, that also includes the brakes.

Many bikes sold will have Non-Series components substituted such as brakes and cranks to keep the cost down but the bike is still advertised as 105, Tiagra etc. when it's only the drivetrain.    

The Sora brakes now feature toe adjustment on the pads and should be set to approx 1mm toe in to the front i.e. when the front of the pads touches the rim there should be a 1mm gap at the back, this helps reduce squeal during braking.


This is done by using an elastic band slipped over the back of the pad to act as a shim allowing the toe-in to be easily set.

Also remember to fit the pads the right way with the arrow on the pad facing forward, you'll be surprised how many times you see pads fitted backwards or even upside down. 

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