Friday, 10 May 2013

SAB Team Takoni Bike Build - Drive Train & Gears

Getting towards the end of the build so it's time to fit the most important parts of the bike together, the drive train.  

This consists of the crankset, front dérailleur, rear derailleur, cassette and chain.

It's all fairly simple stuff to fit, it's the setting up that trips people up and results in poor shifting, and a noisy ride.

It's nice to see even on Shimano's Sora groupset that the crankset's are nowadays Hollowtech, pretty impressive on an entry level system.

The front dérailleur mechanism should be set so the it is parrell with the chainring with a 1 to 3mm gap between the derailleur and the teeth of the largest chainwheel.

Also it's important to set the high and low stop correctly so the chain doesn't over travel when changing gear.

Again at the rear set the dérailleur high and low stops so the top jockey wheel is directly under the top or bottom gear before the chain goes on.

 If you're fitting your own chain there are a few ways to work out the correct length, if you have the old one then measure it side-by-side and then take off what isn't needed.  Another way is to thread the chain on to the bike using the smallest gears and then cutting the chain length so there is a gap between the top jockey wheel and the chain (see picture below)

 It's all the a matter of setting the tension on the cables so the dérailleurs move the chain on to each gear smoothly and efficiently with no rubbing when on the gear.

That's it for this bike, which is now for sale.  They are many other aspect of selecting parts and setting a bike up that I will cover with other builds but this has been about giving you a flavour of a good medium price bike build. 
If you've got any questions about bicycle builds then please contact us on either 07812 033 064, 01446 796 959 or via email at